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The recent coming to light of the scandal involving child sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic Church and the widespread cover-up of the same has given voice to the many victims who have not yet spoken out about their abuse.

Cover-up Perpetrated by the Church’s Leadership

It goes without saying that this abuse of our children by those priests trusted in our communities is the most heinous of acts, as is the enabling and cover up perpetrated by the Church’s leadership. Unfortunately, criminal prosecution of these abusive priests may not always be an option. Victims of abusers and their enablers may be able to use the civil justice system to hold these people accountable, and to ensure that the abusive and predatory conduct does not victimize more individuals.

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Our attorneys are committed to helping the victims of sexual predation by priests and other members of the Catholic church seek justice for the emotional suffering, pain, psychological care, counseling and any other treatment they have had to endure. Our team consists of dedicated trial attorneys who are experienced in handling these types of claims.

We have a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney on our team who is experienced with working with investigators, law enforcement and witnesses to obtain justice for victims of sexual abuse by priests.

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