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Anzalone Law Offices’ personal injury attorneys continue to dedicate their efforts to representing injured people in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Poconos region, and also in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Anzalone Law Offices maintains a staff of highly skilled personal injury attorneys and legal assistants who are available to meet with you or your family member(s) at any one of our office locations. We can also meet with you at your home. If necessary, other arrangements can be made to meet at an alternate location such as a hospital, rehabilitation center, or nursing home.

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    Available Jobs

    Administrative Assistant
    This position requires a person who enjoys talking to people and has a natural inclination to want to help and connect with anyone they are talking to. Telephone and email correspondence are core responsibilities of this position and will consume a significant amount of your time each day. Accordingly, excellent phone etiquette and confidence on the phone are necessary, as are excellent written communication skills. Read More

    Primary duties: Paralegals use their knowledge of the law to help attorneys prepare for trials, hearings and other necessary meetings by drafting legal documents and researching and summarizing certain laws.

    Staff Attorney
    Primary duties: A staff attorney works with associate attorneys and law firm partners, providing legal service and advice on cases. These lawyers will often complete extensive research but don’t frequently interact with clients.

    Human Resource Manager
    Primary duties: A human resource manager works in all aspects of hiring new employees and managing payroll and benefits. They also help current employees with questions or concerns regarding their position and can act as an impartial third party when communicating and solving workplace disputes.

    Associate Attorney
    Primary duties: An associate attorney is a lower-level lawyer at a law firm who works with the firm’s partners. These attorneys provide legal assistance for clients and work with other members of the firm, such as paralegals, to do their job more efficiently.

    Information Technology Manager
    Primary duties: An information technology manager oversees all aspects of communication technology and helps companies and law firms with their computers, phones and networking. Information technology managers might work by themselves, or they might oversee a small staff of IT employees.

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