Our Staff

Tom | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Tom Kerrigan

Paralegal/ Intake Coordinator

Tom Kerrigan is the lead intake coordinator and investigator at Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers and has over 30 years of experience in the field of personal injury law. With a Bachelor of Science from The University of Scranton and a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies from The Goerge Washinton University Law School, Tom has provided paralegal support in every facet of a personal injury case from the initial client meeting to trial.

Courtney Kotardky | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Courtney Kotarski


Courtney Kotarski is a seasoned paralegal with over 10 years of experience in personal injury law. After graduating from Mansfield University, she returned to Luzerne County where she was born and raised. Courtney is proficient in digital media and technology, has an innovative approach to problem-solving, encourages a collaborative and supportive team environment, and ensures that our firm’s attorneys are supported by top-notch paralegal services.

Jason Allen | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Jason Allen

Paralegal/Intake Coordinator

Along with Tom Kerrigan, Jason Allen, runs the intake and investigation department at Anzalone and Doyle Trial Lawyers. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from King’s College and a Juris Doctorate degree from Widener University Commonwealth Law School, Jason can analyze cases from a legal perspective from the initial client phone call.

Christine Lavan | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Chrisitina Lavan

Legal Nurse Consultant

Christina is the most recent addition to the Anzalone and Doyle team having joined in January of 2024 as a legal nurse consultant and medical researcher. Christina received her Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing from Wilkes University and her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education from Mansfield University. She has been a healthcare professional for over a decade. Christina has a passion for helping others and began her medical journey at 16 years old, serving residents at a personal care home. She has experience working in different fields of nursing, including acute care, long term care, and an adjunct professor at local colleges, leading the next generation of nurses.

Lisa Barry | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Lisa Barry


Lisa is a dedicated paralegal with over 8 years of experience in the legal field. Her meticulous approach to her work ensures that all documents are thoroughly reviewed and accurately prepared, contributing to the overall success of the firm’s cases. Lisa has proven herself to be an indispensable asset, excelling in a myriad of roles since joining the firm. Her experience and supportive nature have facilitated the seamless integration of new team members. Her empathetic approach puts clients at ease, allowing her to effectively address their concerns and guide them through the legal process. Lisa has a love for animals, she enjoys camping, hiking, listening to live music and spending time with her family.

Kendra Babuska | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Kendra Babuska


Kendra is a skilled and dedicated paralegal with years of experience in the legal field. She is known for her attention to detail, strong research skills, and ability to work well under pressure. Kendra is well-versed in the latest legal software and technology, making her an invaluable asset to any legal team. In addition to her legal skills, she is compassionate and empathetic. While she is always ready to lend a listening ear to clients and colleagues, she also can make people laugh.

Robyn Manta | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Robyn Manta

Office Manager

Robyn Manta is currently the Office Manager of Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers and brings over 30 years of experience to the firm.  As a Penn State University graduate, she holds degrees in Business Administration and Paralegal Studies.

Theresa Ide | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Theresa Ide

Administrative Assistant

Theresa is a legal assistant known for creating positive work environments. With over 20 years of experience in administrative roles she brings a wealth of skills and dedication to her work. Beyond her administrative abilities, Theresa is valued for her compassionate approach to supporting colleagues and clients. Her combination of administrative expertise and compassionate nature makes her a valued member of the Anzalone & Doyle team.

Krystel Delacruz | Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers

Krystel Delacruz

Administrative Assistant

With over a decade of experience servicing diverse clientele, Krystel brings a blend of strategic project management, effective communication, and IT operations to her role at Anzalone and Doyle Trial Lawyers. Being bilingual, she is adept at navigating diverse cultural landscapes and spending time with clients to communicate their needs to the legal team. Her primary focus is delivering top-tier service and client satisfaction.