Alana is amazing! As a foreigner, I didn’t know what to do at all after the car accident. Alana patiently explained to me the whole situation, professionally analyzed every possible outcome of different actions during the process and finally fought hard for me in front of the insurance company to get my target compensation.

Wenwen X.

Jamie Anzalone was able to secure a bed for me at a local rehab facility, where I was able to participate in in-patient rehab for 7 months. I am from New York and was in a truck accident in Northeast Pennsylvania. Without Attorney Anzalone, I would have been in a horrible situation.

Ivan G.

Louis B.

Rehab Assist

Jamie Anzalone gave us his cell phone number to contact him direct for anything we needed following our family’s horrific truck crash. We had so many questions, but felt at ease knowing we could contact him as needed.

Paul and Jessica A.


I was in a catastrophic work accident caused by a truck. I thought I wouldn’t need an attorney and that my employer with take care of everything. I am so grateful I met Attorney Anzalone, because not only did I need my worker’s compensation claim handled, I also had a suit against 3 other defendants who were at fault for causing the accident. The case settled at jury selection for a substantial amount. I am no longer able to work but now have financial security thanks to Anzalone Law Offices.

Edward M.